Axure Wireframes for Custom Forms Wizard

My client (Zenefits) hired me as they had a series of designs in various stages of completion which they wanted to test with their users. They needed to piece them together into a decent prototype with all interactions and data models in place. You can see a sample scenario http://gldv4x.axshare.com/#p=scenario_collect_license_info&c=1

Given scenario: Create a form to collect the driving license information. The form will include a video, to explain why a driving license is required by the company. A single line text to capture the number of the driving license, a dropdown to capture the state
the multiple choice to select the types of the license (car, bike, truck), a date to capture the expiry date of the license and last the file upload to upload the copy of the license.

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Hourly rate is €50/hour and special discounts for a retainer and long term contracts.

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