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Social Media Profiles Optimization Tips

Branded cover photos and background images Cover images is the first thing your users sees when they come to your social network page. Make sure to give them a wow impression on your brand, product, services….etc. Make images part of your strategy 82% of...

Traffic Analysis Can Reduce Bounce Rate Tip #4:

How important is it to reduce your bounce rate? In a previous post Bounce Rate Tip #2; I explained that bounce rate is one of the metrics that affect your conversions and should be checked regularly. Today I will try to discuss how to reduce your bounce rate by...

What spiders want from web designers?

As a web designer what you should know in order to build a search engine friendly website, what points you need to cover and what tools you need to use. First let’s all agree that we professional web designers do write good semantic markup and not the old fashion...

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